Dog Fouling in Hanover Terrace

Early in 2021 an email was sent to all residents of Hanover Terrace regarding a dog fouling issue. This still seems to be a persistent problem in the garden beds and lawn at Hannover Terrace with the CEPC garden regulations not being adhered to. Last week the gardeners reported large amounts of dog fouling in the garden and so additional signage has been erected in the lawns. Dog fouling makes maintaining your garden areas an unpleasant task for the gardeners and constitutes a health hazard. It is dangerous as contact with dog excrement can cause toxocariasis, an infection that can lead to dizziness, nausea, asthma and even blindness or seizures. We do not expect CEPC Gardeners to work in such an environment. If you are a dog owner, please note that the CEPC’s Garden Regulations state that dogs are not allowed to foul in beds or permitted access to terrace gardens, regardless of any intention to clear up afterwards. Please can you ensure that all family members, household staff, contractors and visitors are aware of the relevant Garden Regulations.

A copy of which can be found at

Thank you for your cooperation.

Cumberland Place – Survey Global

Due to cracks occurring along the Cumberland Place Garden wall, we would like to inform you that on Monday 22 November and Tuesday 23 November part of the garden will be closed off whilst we undertake survey work. These form part of investigations suggested by the Commission’s consultant structural engineers, who have recently inspected. It appears that the wall may require remedial works, the

costs of which will be recovered via garden rates payable by Cumberland Place ratepayers. When we have further details of the form of any works and their likely cost we will revert. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and if you would like to discuss in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact the CEPC Surveyor on 07940 470998.

Cambridge Terrace Mews : Green waste disposal

We have been experiencing piles of green waste being left next to the emergency vehicle access gate of the garden, subsequently killing the grass which was recently reseeded. Please can I request that if residents have any green waste that they place in their Camden green waste bin. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions

Nursemaids Tunnel & Park Crescent Garden update

We need to inform you that due to one of the contractor’s catching Covid, the required survey work to the Tunnel has been delayed from Tuesday 9 November 2021 to Monday 15 November 2021. We apologies for any inconvenience.

Cambridge Gate – Three Graces Statue Proposa

Further to my email of 28 September 2021, we have now uploaded to the CEPC’s website the Cambridge Gate Three Graces Condition Report, Paint Analysis Report, Cleaning Test Results, Cover Meter Survey, Photograph Survey as well as the Conservation Estimate Cost. The link to these documents is Cambridge Gate – CEPC.

Bearing in mind the potential costs of doing the full set of works is estimated at £113,876 + VAT and that on 30 September 2021 there was £15,093 in the Cambridge Gate Garden Fund, we would need to increase your current garden rate of 0.05p/£ of the yearly rateable value of your property to the maximum rate cap of 2.5p/£ at 1 April 2022. We are mindful this is a significant increase and to provide some guidance on the possible change to the garden rates, please see the attached spreadsheet which indicates the estimated payment per property based on the 2021-22 rateable values (note these could change). Work to such statutes is, as previously explained, specialist and delicate. Ultimately

the materials used will deteriorate over time and the best case is that further deterioration can be slowed. Use of inappropriate materials can exacerbate and hasten their deterioration. The investigations carried out have, in our view, been thorough. There are some repairs that are required and delay will likely increase the rate of damage plus construction prices are currently seeing significant inflation. We are open to different approaches to the repairs including not carrying out all of the works proposed or phasing either by individual set of statute and plinth or statues and plinths together. That may mean that prices are increased but can be spread over time (there is an economy in carrying out such works in one operation). We would be grateful if you could let us have any comments on the proposed works and approach in writing, via e mail/letter to me, by 5 December 2021. If you have any queries on this please do let me know.

Nursemaids Tunnel & Park Crescent Garden

I would like to inform you that on Tuesday 9 November 2021 access to the Nursemaids Tunnel will be closed for a day whilst we undertake survey work. Park Crescent Gardens and Park Square Gardens will remain open however, people who normally use this route between the gardens will be unable to do so.

Alongside the 1 day closure of the Nursemaids tunnel, irrigation installation works will be taking place in Park Crescent. These works will be starting Thursday 4 November until Thursday 11 November 2021. These are very minor works which will involve a small section of the garden being fenced off. During the duration of works Park Crescent will remain open to all users.

We apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause.