Cambridge Gate Three Graces Statues

Following the first stage of the investigative surveys and modelling, we have now uploaded to the CEPC’s website the Cambridge Gate Three Graces Condition Report, Paint Analysis Report, Cleaning Test Results, Cover Meter Survey, Photograph Survey as well as the Conservation Estimate Cost.

The link to these documents is Cambridge Gate – CEPC

Bearing in mind the potential costs outlined and that at 31 August 2021 there was £18,829 in the Cambridge Gate Garden Fund, we intend to review the options for carrying the work in order of priority and/or on a phased basis. Options could include focusing on the statues most in need of requiring repair first, omitting some of the works such as to the plinths or undertaking one set of plinth and statues at a time over a number of years.

If you have any comments on the approach to the works, please let us know by Tuesday 26 October 2021.