Chester Terrace Ballustrade

Further to our previous correspondence regarding works to the balustrade and wall/foundations at Chester Terrace we have received two reviews by third-party structural engineers (Alan Baxter Associates and Ramboll) which the Working Group have met to consider. Each of their reports and the instructions given are available on the CEPC’s website at Following consideration by the Working Group of the Ramboll review we have asked the CEPC’s structural engineers Hurst Pierce + Malcolm to draft up a potential further option which involves:

  • For the southern section adopting an Option 4 approach (= major works to the wall/foundations and new balustrade)
  • For the other sections minor safety repairs (or continuing barriers) for the balustrade plus ongoing monitoring of wall/foundation/balustrade movement for at least 1 year to assess how those structures are moving and what further works are required in those locations.

This flows from the Ramboll review (and further discussion by the Working Group) which roughly divides the foundations in to three sections. This option would then be costed by a relevant professional on the same basis as the other options previously explored.

Further to a request received by some members of the CTRA, I attach a breakdown of the percentages of the garden rates in Chester Terrace based on the rateable values used in 2021-22. It is important to note that rateable values can change, not necessarily uniformly across a terrace and not necessarily uniformly in the same direction. There was a suggestion by some members of the CTRA that a further request for views of ratepayers be undertaken by the CEPC. Subject to the views of the Commissioners, who have yet to consider the matter, it is suggested that this may be done after the information on the new option mentioned above including its potential estimated cost are available.

I trust this brings you up to date with relevant developments on the matter but please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries.