Chester Terrace Ballustrade

Further to the meeting on 17 March 2021 and my subsequent letter of 5 May 2021 with the notes of the meeting, we have uploaded to the CEPC’s website the Quantity Surveyor’s cost for the further variation of Option 1, being Option 1B. This is for a new balustrade designed to be demountable. The Scheme Proposals and Pricing Document has also been updated and uploaded.

Please note that Option 1B does not include the cost of wall/foundation replacement, which is costed elsewhere, but does include the assumption that in year 5 the balustrade would be taken down and reinstated. It is implicit in taking down and reinstating the balustrade that the issue of the foundations would be addressed at the point it was taken down. This is in contrast to the other iterations of Option 1 where it has been assumed there will be ongoing repairs over 20 years but no major repairs to the wall/foundations.

The link to these documents is They are numbered 7. and 8. respectively.