Scaffolding Licences

CEPC Standard Licence Terms & Conditions

The placement of external scaffolding anywhere on the estate will require a licence, whether or not it rests only on the demise of a property or on part of the CEPC managed pavements, gardens or roadways.

If a scaffolding is to be located entirely within the demise of a property, only an administration fee is chargeable, but parking suspensions for the scaffolding lorry must be paid for and arranged at the time of issuing the licence.

If any part of the scaffolding will rest on CEPC managed property an additional weekly fee is also payable.

If any part of scaffolding is to be located within a CEPC managed garden or access through a CEPC managed garden is required, an additional refundable damage deposit will be payable.

Scaffolding specifically erected for works to be carried out as part of The Crown Estate’s Quinquennial Painting programme (lessees 5 yearly painting) are only subject to CEPC administration fees, parking fees and refundable garden deposits – no weekly fee is payable.

PLEASE NOTE: All contractors will be required to submit a Risk Assessment and Method Statement (including Covid statement), along with diagrams of how the scaffold is intended to rest, which must be approved before any licence can be issued. Due to the current number of applications for quinquennial painting, we recommend allowing at least two weeks for obtaining a licence.


Admin Fee £50, plus £21.00 per week (where applicable).
Refundable garden damage deposit – size of deposit available on request.
Hoists or Platform Lifts – £21.00 per week.

Quinquennial Painting Admin Fees £50, plus houses £42.00, flats £12.00.