Hanover Terrace Border Renovation Works

We wish to advise you that in early October work by the gardens team will commence on the renovation of the entrance border coming into the Hanover Terrace. This work will mirror the redesign that was undertaken at the exit border of the terrace in Spring 2020. It will entail the renovation of overgrown shrubs, cultivation of the border area by adding tonnes of organic matter and planting new shrubs, herbaceous perennials and spring bulbs. All terrace garden redesigns on the estate are guided by CEPC’s Planting Principles. This document can be found on our website www.cepc.org.uk.

As custodians of the estate and the historic landscape of Regent’s Park, these principles have been created to ensure that integrity of planting from the Nash period of design in the eighteenth century is retained across all terrace gardens when renovation or replanting is undertaken. This work will take 2 -3 weeks with minimal impact on garden use and access to the terrace. We apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause you, but the benefit will soon be seen and enjoyed by all.