Proposed railing works

Further to the notification email sent last week to all York Terrace West residents regarding the proposed railing works, we have received comment from some residents about the timing and impact of proposed works.

I would like to take this opportunity to assure all residents that during the period of works we will minimise disruption as much as possible. The scope of works is to remove the railings from the pavement side of the garden and load them onto a vehicle to be taken for full refurbishment off site. Whilst the railings are being refurbished, new plinths/foundations will be laid for the railings and a small York stone wall constructed as per the existing completed sections already in the garden. Once refurbishment of the railings is complete, they will be returned and installed onto the new plinths.

The garden will be available for regular use throughout the works. All works will be limited to the existing fence line boundary of the garden and will have no impact on the main use of the general garden areas. Full screening will be put in place to maintain privacy once the section of hedging at the railing line has been removed and will be in place until the new planting has established.

Regarding timing of the work, 2020 has been very hard for all regarding COVID 19 and many works have been delayed. This includes the quintennial painting which we understand is now expected to be completed in September/October 2021. We have planned for this section of railing work to finish at the same time as the painting and feel this is the least disruptive manner in which to do the works. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns regarding these works.