Quinquennial Painting : Licence & Parking

As we approach the start of the Quinquennial Painting season on 1 May, this is to remind all ratepayers and residents that a CEPC licence is required for scaffolding that encroaches on our pavements or roadways and all scaffolding on the estate must be alarmed with a 24-hour contact number displayed. Any ladders in use on the properties during the day, must be secured at night preferably out of reach. During the Quinquennial Painting season parking on the estate can become more difficult, so this is also to remind all ratepayers and residents that while each property may request a single contractor’s permit, these are only granted when there is sufficient space for them to park. The blue five-hour visitors permits may not be provided to contractors for their commercial vehicles or for the private vehicles of their team who might wish to use them to travel to and from the estate. The CEPC would appreciate you ensuring that your contractors understand and adhere to the points set out above and also the estate working hours as indicated under Contractors on our website www.cepc.org.uk where further information on licences is also available.